What is most memorable is the smell of a place, sooner or later its notes will return to vibrate the strings of our soul in its flow

-Acqua di Noto


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Brand Story

Culture, tradition and history represent the emblem of uniqueness that distinguishes our
Made in Sicily products, which were created to strengthen the identity of the city of Noto through the
rediscovery and enhancement of its artistic and landscape heritage, since 2002,
belonging to the UNESCO. We aim to generate an even more relevant identity value,
with a view to making it shared.

The Creations

Each fragrance is an olfactory masterpiece created to tell a story and an emotion. They are unisex perfumes aimed at those who love to stand out by wearing a mood of well-being that leaves a sillage.

A packaging designed by the sicilian artist Benedetto Poma containing a versatile, sober, refined bottle with an arched and sinous shape that echoes the domes, bell towers and portals of the Baroque city.

The molded zamak cap recalls the lantern of the dome of the Cathedral or a barrel of a Baroque column, which hermetically closes the bottle, sealing the history, message, philosophy and ‘âme of the brand.

A unique collection that comes from the encounter between figurative art, curated by the creator of the brand Paoletta Ruffino, art historian, and the High Selective Perfumery – ATELIER FRAGRANZE MILANO,

a leading Italian company in the perfumery industry that collaborates with the major italian and international brands, capable of multiplying precious and alchemical sicilian emotions like an endless echo.

Our Fragances

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