About us

When asked who we are, we always answer in the same way: Heirs and Guardians of a story that makes us love our island of which we want to make you fall in love with by creating unique emotions to ”wear”. Acqua di Noto is a project, a brand, a harmony of visions, but above all it is a state of mind.

Our story was born right here, in this place of heart and soul, in the street of the most beautiful balconies in the world, Via Nicolaci, where fate allowed us to realize a great dream: managing an art gallery, since 2016, located in the attic floor of the ”Palazzo dei Principi”, and in 2021 to open, on the same street, a small niche artistic perfumery with the mission of redefining the value of made in Sicily, working on a project entirely dedicated to this city.

Acqua di Noto is about a design vision that links the past an the future of a new philosophy of the body, capable of combining spiritual research and psychophysical well-being . A brand dedicated to making the ritual of personal purification a special sensory experience. 

Acqua di Noto is not only a perfume brand, but it is also a premium  mineral water from the natural springs of the Val di Noto with a denomination that indicates its origin,  affirming its excellence.

In via Nicolaci 13, a corner of the historic oldtown, intimate and cozy, we cultivate our  growing passion for artistic perfumery, and not only, sharing it with those looking for  a timeless personal style, in the culture of an exclusively sicilia brand.

The logo

When the ”Acqua di Noto” brand was created, we were inspired by a decorative motif carved on the frieze of the entrance portal of Palazzo Nicolaci, taken from Vignola, certain that no cultural symbol like this could have better represented our brand identity, reflecting the orientation and objectives of the company, as well as for the personality and its values built on the heritage of the past and on the love for our roots.

It represents a tall tripod, with the function of an incense burner, where in between there is a pair of griffins facing each other in heraldic pose, symbols of guardianship, vigilance and courage.
A visual message, an immediate communication to evoke the ancient use of incense in the ritual of purification not only of the body but also of the air, and as a symbol of the odor suavitatis, or rather of the sweet perfume, spiritual food of the soul.

2-Year Anniversary

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