Aqua Lustralis

A contamination of exotic atmospheres and oriental cultures inspires the Oud fragrance: Aqua Lustralis, the sixth fragrance that Acqua di Noto dedicates to the city, recalling the Arab origin of the denomination which indicated its beauty, importance and deep connection with this civilization. The name Aqua Lustralis contains the luminous and divine aura of this precious essence, the oldest in the history of seduction, which embodies a universal message of spiritual beauty and harmony among men. Indeed, Aqua Lustralis means purifying water and in the purification rite, common to all religions and cultures. Oud has been present since ancient times to perfume, through fumigation, the body, clothes and environments with its voluptuous smoke. It is also known as the “Wood of the Gods” for its ability to connect man with the divine through the sense of smell. Oud is said to help in fulfilling love desires, binding lovers to each other through the warm and vibrant notes it releases. Declined in an erogenous and hypnotic accord that opens with notes of bergamot and Taif rose, revealing mysterious amber accents in the heart, saffron flower and white amber. we find the oud in the base notes to enhance the mystical and seductive notes of patchouli and the carnal notes of musk .

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